*ORGANICA100 is 100% natural and made with extra-fresh organic ingredients: flower macerates are added to the final product within 48h from their preparation and Organic Intracellular Apple Water within a few hours from extraction.


Prepared from plants grown in an exclusive alpine garden in Switzerland, ORGANICA100 contains 100% natural ingredients of which over 69% extra-fresh ingredients, like Organic Apple water and the precious macerates of alpine plants, with moisturising and antioxidant properties, added fresh to ensure the maximum efficacy of vitamins and active ingredients and avoid the use of synthetic preservatives.
Tip: Keep ORGANICA100 in the refrigerator after opening. You’ll feel the pleasant sensation of fresh ingredients on your face and around your eyes and allow active ingredients to stay effective even longer.


ORGANICA100 is formulated with precious Organic Intracellular Apple Water: pure, 100% organic with a pH 4.5 more similar to the skin than distilled water used in traditional cosmetics. Thirst-quenching and tonifying, this water gives luminosity even to most delicate skins and a supple “tensor effect” that restores vitality on the face and eye contour area.
This vegetal water is good for the skin and the Planet because it is extracted by cold evaporation from organic apples locally produced in the Swiss region of Valais, with a circular economy process of 0% waste. Dehydrated apples, naturally sweetened, are intended for food use, mainly in confectionery.


With more than 69% of organic ingredients added to the finished product in less than 48 hours from their preparation, ORGANICA100 can be defined as an “extra-fresh” cream.
To preserve this characteristic we freshly prepare it in small batches, according to the request.
Book here your extra-fresh cream to receive it at home as it is ready, or to receive a notification about the date of preparation of the new fresh batch.